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Page Redirection After Password Change is Successful

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I want to make a password-change-page redirect to another view after the password change is successful. However, I used the redirect helper method inside a function as indicted below. It redirects even before the password is changed. Kindly asisst. 

   public function security($status=''){
        $data['title'] = "Security Settings";
        $data['status'] = $status;
        $data['user'] = $this->profile_model->get_user($this->user->user_id);
        $data['bcrumb'] = link_breadcrumb(array(array('Home','home'),array('Profile','profile/view/'.$this->user->user_id),
            array('Security Settings','')));
$this->template->load(2, 'profile/security', $data, '', '');
redirect(site_url('institution/index')); //additional helper method to redirect page after password change
asked May 31, 2014 by wurohausa (20 points)

1 Answer

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A quick scan through the method'* body:

Lines 1-4: Sets data array'* values.

Line 5: Loads templated View with the data array.

Line 6: Redirects to another page.

I don't seem to see where password change is implemented. Left something out?

answered Jun 1, 2014 by ugochimbo (860 points)
This is the implementation of the password. It was an oversight.

public function security_settings(){
        $pass = $this->input->post('password', TRUE);
        $cpass = $this->input->post('cpassword', TRUE);
        $user_id = $this->user->user_id;

        if($pass==='' || $cpass==='')
            echo '{"msg":"alert alert-danger","html":"Passwords do not match"}';

            echo '{"msg":"alert alert-danger","html":"Passwords do not match"}';

        $hash = $this->phpass->hash($pass);
        while(strlen($hash) < 20){
            $hash = $this->phpass->hash($pass);

        if($this->profile_model->change_password($user_id, $hash))
            echo '{"msg":"alert alert-info","html":"Changes have been saved successfully"}';
            echo '{"msg":"alert alert-danger","html":"<b>Error!</b> Unable to save changes"}';
Yea, where was it (security_settings()) called?.. it doesnt appear to have been invoked from the security($arg) method in the question... thats why the password isn't changed before the re-direct.
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